VMware Workshop Day 2 – VMware vSphere

April 9, 2021: VMware Workshop Day 2. The VMware session started around 10.30AM last April 9. It was attended by more than 20 participants. The session started with a recap of the last week’s session. The first task is the creation of VMware accounts for hand-on-lab as a warm up exercise. Afterwards, Engr. Jan Michael demonstrated how to install VMware vSphere – including configuration of network settings, storage configuration, and a discussion of common issues encountered.

The highlight of the session is the installation and configuration of VMware vSphere ESXI. There were lots of questions from the students including how to assess server specifications for hyperconverged requirements, how to configure ESXI network and storage, and hours of engaging hands-on that piqued the interest of all the students. The class ended at 3:00PM as schedule and the next session will be about VMware vCenter. (Article by Jean Claude Go De Villeres, VG-Education)

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