IECEP UAE 9th Webinar: Access Control System

It has been 6 months since the first pandemic lockdown was announced here in UAE. However, IECEP UAE continues to find alternative ways to continuously conduct technical seminars for its members and be able to adapt through the use of digital technologies.

The webinar started at around 10:00 AM (UAE time) with an Invocation followed by video playback of the United Arab Emirates and Philippines national anthem, respectively. The 131 participants from different international and local chapters were warmly welcomed by the IECEP UAE Governor. The moderator read the mission and vision of IECEP and reminded the participants of the house rules to follow correctly to make the webinar as fun and effective as possible.

Our 9th Technical Webinar proper began when our speaker was officially welcomed by our Director for Publications, Engr. Ruel C. Taganahan. Our resource speaker, Engr. Leif Marvin Valeros, is a graduate of Saint Louis University class 2003. He started his OFW journey in Taiwan in the year 2004 and he has accomplished great things ever since. Engr. Valeros introduced his topic “Access Control Systems: Basic Concept and Design” and started the discussion. As engineers are technically inclined, we are able to understand how the access control system works, as we encounter this daily when we go to our respective workplaces. One example of which is Key cards – this needs to be programmed on the controller memory before issuing them to users then, when one swipes a card on the reader, it will send the data it receives to the controller. If the transaction is an access-granted transaction, the contact between normally close and common of the relay will be open, thereby releasing the Magnetic Lock Armature. To maintain the secureness of the site, the door should be returned to the close position after entering/leaving the door. Lastly, people that are inside the secured area needs also to leave that location, but since they were authenticated when they entered the area, going out doesn’t need verification, just simply press the request to exit switch and it will immediately release the lock. This is just part of the different interesting topics that were discussed.

The presentation was divided into two parts, and at each end of the first and second parts, questions and concerns of the attendees were answered in the Question and Answer segments. The link of the online assessment form was shared with the participants to collect their feedback and suggestions for improving the upcoming events of the chapter, in which part of the evaluation was quiz items that measured the learning they gained from the subject. Engr. Valeros was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation as a professional resource speaker for imparting his invaluable knowledge and experience that encourages and builds faith for the Filipino Electronics Engineers.

Our honorable guests, Dr. Alnar Detalla (Chairman) and Engr. Enrico Claro R. Delmoro (Member) of the Professional Regulatory Board of Electronics Engineering at Professional Regulation Commission attended the webinar and they were able to give insights about the Access Control System. During the announcements, the schedule of the chapter’s upcoming activities was presented by Engr. Perry Kwan, our Vice Governor for Internal Affairs. The event was moderated by the IECEP UAE Secretary, Engr. Hannah Biyo.

You can watch the IECEP UAE 9th Webinar: Access Control Systems Basic Concept and Design, which was streamed in IECEP UAE’s Facebook page by following this link:

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