VMWare Bootcamp 2019

article credits to Engr. Leif Marvin T. Valeros, ECE

IECEP-UAE’s VMWare Fundamentals Short Course was attended by 18 active members of the organization from the Northern Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates lead by the resource instructor, Engr. Jan Michael G. de Villeres, PECE. The short course was held on four consecutive Fridays, starting from the 3rd of May to 24th of May 2019.

First Day: First Impression

For the 1st day session, the training started in the traditional get-to-know introduction practice. Engr. de Villeres kicked off the lesson by explaining what is VMware, where, and how is it applicable? In the workshop, each participant was tasked to build their VMware hands-on-labs, install and configure ESXi hypervisor in their own laptop. Later, the day ended with each participant being able to create their own Virtual Machines.

Second Day: Jumbled Cables – One Switch

Enthusiasm continuously poured in as the group were introduced to another VMWare Hypervisor “the Vcenter” in 2nd day of the course.  Participants are formed into groups, creating servers and clients correspondingly. The storage of the individual hands-on labs created on the 1st day was modified to accommodate the Vcenter installation.  As an additional topic, the team was introduced on the Principles of Virtual Switches, how to create as well as how to manage.

Third Day: Live Migration

On the 3rd day, Engr. de Villeres presented vSphere Storage, the shared storage essential to vMotion and Storage vMotion.  Participants demonstrated in the workshop – hands-on vMotion for Live Server Migration as well as vMotion for continuous availability of servers by using FreeNAS set-up as shared storage.

Fourth Day: Save The Best For Last

Finally in the last session, the attendees were familiarized with the Virtual Machine Snapshots, that acts as a back-up and restore facility of VMWare. The team also learned how to create and how to manage them. Other major benefits in using Virtual Machines are tackled, which include Cloning, vSphere High Availability and VMWare Fault Tolerance. After topics completion, Engr. de Villeres facilitated a lively question and answer between the participants. And to formally close the 4-Day Training Activity is the commencement of the Graduation Ceremony. 

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