REST API with Python on 5th IECEP-UAE Webinar

To continually promote the professional development and competence among IECEP- UAE members despite of Covid-19 restrictions, the organization had conducted its 5th webinar entitled REST API with Python dated 17 July 2020. It was attended virtually by 144 WebEx participants out of 283 registered members on portal from different foreign chapters such as UAE, Singapore, KSA (CRC and Western region), Oman and Kuwait and local chapters from Manila, Negros Occidental, Batangas, Cavite, Bicol, Zambales, Lupang, North Mindanao, Quezon City, Pampanga, Socsargen, Bohol, Zamboanga, Cebu, Rizal, Davao, and Ilocos.

Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface with Python presented by Engr. Marc Philippe G. De Villeres, an active member of IECEP-UAE, a Python Developer | Solution Architect |DevOps |Software Engineer. The topic’s objective was to help the attendees to create a basic REST API in Python with the Flask Framework and utilize it for cross-language applications to work well. Participants were encouraged to ask questions in the Question and Answer portion after the presentation. The link of the online evaluation form was shared with the attendees to express their comments, feedback, and suggestions for the improvement of the chapter’s upcoming events, wherein part of the assessment was quiz-type items that measured the learning they are gained from the topic.

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Engr. De Villeres for imparting his invaluable expertise and experience that provides inspiration and creates confidence for the Filipino Electronics Engineers. Each member’s effort and support during the webinar were greatly acknowledged. The assistance of BODs, Advisers, former Officers, and Technical teams were highly appreciated.

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